1 Faircoin

Fair ecosystem currency

- Fairo

Value of Faircoin in the fair ecosystem

1 Fairo

Unit of purchasing power

- Faircoin

- Fairero

1000 Fairo

Units of purchasing power

1 month

of a very basic cost of living

Fair Economy Value of Faircoin

- Fairo per Faircoin

For transactions within the web of trust of the fair economy.

Solidarity Exchanges

- Fairo per Faircoin

Ranging from - to - Fairo per Faircoin when guided by a FairPoints rating.

For exchanges where central bank money is given in exchange for Faircoin to fair market participants as solidarity support for building the fair economy.

Faircoin Market Capitalization

- Fairo

The current total Faircoin market cap in Fairo

Current valuation outside the fair economy

Current fluctuating Faircoin value in "Babylon", outside the fair economy's web-of-trust:

You are encouraged to buy such Faircoins from cryptocurrency exchanges below the Fairo rate and donate or invest them in fair economy projects.

To find out more about Faircoin, the cryptocurrency: https://fair-coin.org